Megan & Luke

Megan and Luke's wedding was absolutely stunning. The Tiffany Duliege Studio team are so inspired by the beautiful outdoor location. Bianca Virtue was able to expertly accentuate both the masculinity of Luke, in conjunction with Megan's femininity, to produce a beautifully cohesive work of magic.

Our team are completely astonished at the masterful blend of the thematics of Megan and Luke's wedding: a dreamy, fairytale wedding, that seems oh so tranquil.

Megan adorns a simple white dress with shoulder straps, that is perfectly accessorised by our Samantha II earrings. Her gorgeous dark blond hair works incredibly well with the gold and pearl aesthetics of the Samantha II earrings. We're so impressed with Megan's styling. Congratulations Megan and Luke, we hope your marriage is full of blessings. 

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