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White Gold/Silver Earrings

A collection of white gold/silver earrings by Tiffany Duliege Studio

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Pim PetitePim Petite
Pim Petite Sale priceFrom $157.00
Samantha IIISamantha III
Samantha III Sale price$151.00
Irregular Pearl StudsIrregular Pearl Studs
Irregular Pearl Studs Sale price$67.00
Elisse ThreadersElisse Threaders
Elisse Threaders Sale price$60.00
Menaka I PetiteMenaka I Petite
Menaka I Petite Sale priceFrom $154.00
Pim GrandePim Grande
Pim Grande Sale priceFrom $196.00
Save $8.00Mini Irregular Pearl StudsMini Irregular Pearl Studs
Mini Irregular Pearl Studs Sale price$46.00 Regular price$54.00
Perfect Pearl StudsPerfect Pearl Studs
Perfect Pearl Studs Sale price$52.00
Pixie Sale price$90.00
Save $81.00SAMPLE - Samantha IIISAMPLE - Samantha III
SAMPLE - Samantha III Sale price$70.00 Regular price$151.00
Alisa Pearl EarringsAlisa Pearl Earrings
Alisa Pearl Earrings Sale price$190.00
Save $12.00AmaraAmara
Amara Sale price$121.00 Regular price$133.00
On saleMenaka I GrandeMenaka I Grande
Menaka I Grande Sale priceFrom $133.00 Regular price$163.00
Lua HoopsLua Hoops
Lua Hoops Sale price$96.00
Armelle HoopsArmelle Hoops
Armelle Hoops Sale price$114.00
December | Tanzanite Birthstones x Pearls EarringsDecember | Tanzanite Birthstones x Pearls Earrings
March | Aquamarine Birthstones x Pearls EarringsMarch | Aquamarine Birthstones x Pearls Earrings
September | Sapphire Birthstones x Pearls EarringsSeptember | Sapphire Birthstones x Pearls Earrings
Save $20.00SAMPLE - Elisse ThreadersSAMPLE - Elisse Threaders
SAMPLE - Elisse Threaders Sale price$40.00 Regular price$60.00
May | Emerald Birthstones x Pearls EarringsMay | Emerald Birthstones x Pearls Earrings
June | Moonstone Birthstones x Pearls EarringsJune | Moonstone Birthstones x Pearls Earrings
Save $33.00Clementine IIClementine II
Clementine II Sale price$136.00 Regular price$169.00
Sold outSave $99.00SAMPLE - Alisa Pearl Earrings
SAMPLE - Alisa Pearl Earrings Sale price$91.00 Regular price$190.00
On saleSAMPLE - Pim Grande
SAMPLE - Pim Grande Sale priceFrom $127.00 Regular price$196.00
October | Rose Quartz Birthstones x Pearls EarringsOctober | Rose Quartz Birthstones x Pearls Earrings
July | Ruby Birthstones x Pearls EarringsJuly | Ruby Birthstones x Pearls Earrings
Feb | Amethyst Birthstones x Pearls EarringsFeb | Amethyst Birthstones x Pearls Earrings
Save $22.00Clementine IClementine I
Clementine I Sale price$87.00 Regular price$109.00
Pim Petite - Solid GoldPim Petite - Solid Gold
Pim Petite - Solid Gold Sale priceFrom $398.00
November | Citrine Birthstones x Pearls EarringsNovember | Citrine Birthstones x Pearls Earrings